Company Profile
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Bio Herbal Farm for Export is an Egyptian company started in 2012 in the field of export.
An Egyptian businessman who exports herbs, spices, legumes, seeds, Yurpa, Asia and all over the world. Manufacturer of planting, processing and packaging of products in a safe, healthy and clean manner.


Bio Herbal Farm For Export
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We grow over 25 herb and spices on our farm, and each one is grown according to its own unique needs. The diverse geography and biodiversity of this region provides varying soils and microclimates, which allows us to plant herbs within their ideal growing environment. A few herbs are grown as annuals, but the majority of crops remain in our fields for several years as perennials. To ensure that we get the highest-quality herbs possible, we harvest each herbs part at a specific time Of the year depending on when the desired phytochemicals of that specific plant are at their highest maturity. which is one of the many reasons why we do not use herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or synthetic fertilizers.

Our Farms

We use Certified Organic, non-GMO farming techniques because responsible methods are the right way to treat our environment and community. At the same time, these methods help us create the best possible Organic herbal products. Our farms are healthy ecosystems, and the health of our herbs depends on creating balance with nature and a pesticide free environment